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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Burnley talks shop

As part of Architecture Week (16 - 25 June) an exhibition showcasing the positive
impact of regeneration on local shops and businesses, Talking Shop, was taken out of
the gallery and onto Burnley's terraces.

Visiting Burnley Wood, South West Burnley and Duke Bar, the collection of lively and
colourful photographs of Burnley shops and their keepers was brought to the
doorsteps of people living in the town's regeneration areas thanks to an innovative
exhibition trailer called the 'Architruck'.

Those who missed the truck can still see Talking Shop at Burnley's Mid Pennine Art
Gallery until 1 July. The startlingly vivid pictures give an intriguing insight into
the local businesses many people take for granted.

Kathleen Houghton, Elevate's Communications Director, said: "We are sponsoring
'Talking Shop' because we recognise that housing market renewal depends on more than just housing. Vibrant, sustainable, urban neighbourhoods also depend on local shops and businesses, and we are interested in exploring this further with local business people, shop owners and workers. Photographer Andy Ford's images document the impact of regeneration and are quite stunning in their gritty realism."

Talking Shop was sponsored by Elevate East Lancashire and supported by Mid Pennine
Arts, LAND, Arts Council, Lancashire County Council and the Lancashire Economic

The Architruck was created by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA),
RENEW (NW Centre of Excellence) and the Northwest Development Agency.