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Friday, June 02, 2023

GVA Grimley announces new partners for the firm

GVA Grimley has promoted four new equity partners to the firm. All have been promoted from within the business. Tim Crossley-Smith formerly head of valuation of CBRE, has also been appointed as an equity, partner, bringing the total number of equity partners to 71.

Lisa Riva from the Property Management Consultancy Business Unit division based in London becomes the youngest equity partner in the firm, at 33 years old. She is joined by Paul Manning from the Rating team based in the Leeds office, while Martin Walker and Mike Blinco, Directors of the fromspecialist project management business divisionGVA Second London Wall, haves also been promoted.

There has also been a range of internal promotions to non-equity partner from 1st May 2006, bringing the total number of non-equity partners to 135.

In London, John Allan (Industrial), Nicola Webb (Industrial), Michael Taylor (Planning, Development & Regeneration), Lorne Satchwell (Telecoms), Ros Goode (Valuation Services), Jon Knowles (Building and Project Management Consultancy), Steve Taylor (Residential), Nigel Watson (GVA ACR) and Richard Taylor (Building and Project Management Consultancy) have all been promoted to non equity partner.

In Birmingham, Paul Farmer (Health), Craig Alsbury (Planning Development & Regeneration) and Jessamy Venables (Healthcare) have also been promoted.

In Leeds, Rob Oliver (Industrial) has been promoted. In Manchester, Paul Farmer (Healthcare), Damian Masters (Development) and Chris Cheap (Offices) have also been promoted.

In Edinburgh, Toby Withall (Offices) has been promoted and in Bristol, Andrew Huish (Valuation Services) has also been promoted.

The firm has also made Mark Rawstron, Regional Senior Partner for Manchester and Mark Brunsdon, Regional Senior Partner for Bristol.

Chief Executive, Bob Barnett, said: "We strive to create a working environment that encourages entrepreneurship and rewards high performance, enabling our best people to rise through the organisation. It is this partnership structure which we find is appealing to ambitious professionals, and is enabling us to develop a highly skilled and well managed team, which is among the best in the industry."