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Monday, July 17, 2023

Donaldsons Scotland win coveted Sceptre award

The Retail Marketing team of Donaldsons in Glasgow has won a coveted award following its promotional work for The Paisley Shopping Centre, located on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Awarded by Shopping Centre magazine, Donaldsons won the Sceptre award in the category 'Mall Promotion of the Year' for the firm's marketing of the shopping centre, which has helped drive footfall, with many retailers experiencing a 10% increase in sales.

Over the past year the Retail Marketing team has won a number of national and international awards for the promotion, most notably, the British Council of Shopping Centres Purple Apple Merit Award; the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) European Solal Merit Award (in Istanbul) and the ICSC MAXI Merit Award (in San Diego).

Claire Wilkinson, Marketing Manager at Donaldsons, Glasgow, explained: "Research that we carried out revealed the need to 'add value' to help drive footfall at The Paisley Centre in an increasingly competitive market place. We at Donaldsons created an event which captured the publics' imagination, and with a variety of media partners and sponsors, devised the 'Week on Wheels' promotion, a Big Brother idea that saw six people living in a car for a week, with the contestants facing daily evictions by the public."

"As a result, footfall increased by an average of 12% year-on-year over the promotion period, with one day experiencing nearly a 40% increase in footfall; retailers are keen to see the promotion repeated and the profile of the shopping centre was raised over and above retailer and client expectations."

Chris Dougray, managing partner for Donaldsons, Scotland, said: "This award, along with the others the Retail Marketing team have received recently underpins our position as the number one retail agency, and highlights one of the many services we can offer."