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Monday, August 25, 2023

Scottish train station improvements

Five railway stations are set to benefit from Scotland's share of a major GB-wide scheme to improve access to rail services.

Scotland's 39 million share of the Access for All fund, administered by the Department for Transport, will ensure that more disabled people have trouble-free access to stations across the country, said Mr Stevenson.

Network Rail will now conduct detailed feasibility work at Easterhouse, Hyndland, Linlithgow, Montrose and Perth stations, which could result in improvements such as new lifts, escalators, ramps, signage, lighting and flooring being installed.

The announcement comes following a recommendation by Scottish Ministers to fund the improvements as part of the Access for All fund.

Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson said :

"We want to continue to see rises in the number of people using rail as a mode of transport, and so we must ensure that all passengers have trouble-free access to Scotland's rail services.

"This funding will deliver key improvements, making it easier for disabled passengers, parents with prams and even those with heavy luggage to get around our train stations.

"We have already seen the results of such investment at stations like Waverley, Queen Street and Haymarket, but it is important that action is taken at Scotland's local stations as well.

"This announcement will do exactly that, allowing passengers at Easterhouse, Hyndland, Linlithgow, Montrose and Perth to travel more easily without the stresses and difficulties experienced in the past."

Access for All was launched in 2006 to address the issues faced by disabled passengers using railway stations in Great Britain. Over the period of the scheme (2006 - 2015) Scottish projects will receive a total of 39 million.

Nineteen stations across Scotland have so far received funding from the Access for All Small Schemes Fund since 2006, totalling 1.23 million. This rolling investment of around 0.7 million each year from Transport Scotland has delivered a range of improvements designed to increase access to the rail network for passengers with a wide range of sensory impairments.