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Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Drivers Jonas and Mott MacDonald appointed to provide environmental design guidance

Drivers Jonas Scotland has partnered with Mott MacDonald to provide environmental
design guidance for Scottish Schools for the Scottish Executive.

The aim of the project is to improve environmental performance in all new and
refurbished schools which is of increasing importance to create good learning
environments and sustainable educational facilities.

Drivers Jonas will act as project manager for the commission and Mott MacDonald will
lead the technical team, which also includes Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and
Hawksmoor Acoustics.

Commenting on the commission Drivers Jonas project manager Colin Meiklejohn, said:
"School environments are often complex. Stakeholder interest in this issue is
therefore wide ranging and engaging with the relevant stakeholders will form an
important part of the guidance preparation. The initial responses from the various
stakeholders is very positive and we are grateful for their participation in this

Mott MacDonald project manager Gordon Hudson said: "Whilst school classrooms may
appear straightforward and familiar, they are complex spaces that have acoustic,
lighting, air quality and thermal demands that need to be satisfied. Our aim is to
ensure that new schools have the appropriate systems to provide learning
environments that are suitable for the 21st century."

The guidance material for new and refurbished schools in Scotland will be aimed at
client briefing teams, engineers, architects, building contractors and a wide range
of parties interested in school design and facilities management. It is expected to
be complete by the end of 2006.