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Friday, October 20, 2023

River Clyde regeneration stars at WaterfrontExpo

Waterfront development experts from around the world have been amazed by the transformation taking place along the banks of the River Clyde.

The endorsement of the £5.6 billion Clyde Waterfront redevelopment project came from the 520 participants from 34 countries attending WaterfrontExpo 2006, the world's largest conference and exhibition focusing of global waterfront development, staged in Glasgow.

The organisers of the event, Media Generation Events Ltd, also hailed the conference the biggest and most successful since its inauguration four years ago.

Mark Beaumont of Media Generation, said: "Coming to Glasgow and Scotland has been a great experience for us. Without doubt it has been our most successful and biggest event to date. We have had excellent support and great hospitality."

"Importantly the delegates have been able to see for themselves the quality and massive scale of the regeneration being undertaken and relate it to what they themselves are doing. The event has provided valuable exposure for this superb project."

His comments were reinforced by key professionals involved in major waterfront developments around the world.

Juergen Bruns-Berentelg, CEO of HafenCity, Hamburg, Germany, told delegates during his keynote address: "I was in Glasgow thirty years ago when I was studying and I'm amazed at the transformation that has taken place."

Lev Pukshansky, Vice President of Marine Façade Ltd, responsible for the Saint Petersburg, Russia, regeneration project covering 450 hectares and costing $1.5 billion, said: "I am highly impressed by what I have seen here and the progress that has been made. We have just begun our project and it is very important for me to be here and in a way see the future of our own development, it's like being in a time machine. This has been an excellent conference and exhibition. We have been able to see or hear about virtually every major waterfront development in the world."

Maureen Thomson, an ex-pat Scot living in South Africa who is Executive Manager: Marketing & Corporate Affairs for V&A; Waterfront, Cape Town, said: "I think the regeneration along the Clyde is really excellent, especially after the years of the river lying derelict and empty of people. It's about developing a waterfront with the main purpose of bringing people back to live here by offering them a piece of history as well as a new experience."

Peter Kearns, Executive Director of Clyde Waterfront, the partnership body responsible for coordinating and promoting the river's renaissance, said: "Hosting this event has delivered what it promised, a unique opportunity to showcase the regeneration of the River Clyde to a global audience. Clyde Waterfront has become the front door to opportunity which is now being promoted by both the public and private sectors."

He rated the WaterfrontExpo event as an 'unparalleled and stimulating learning experience' for everyone involved in revitalising the River Clyde and its communities.

During the three day conference and exhibition delegates heard details of 12 major waterfront development projects including Clyde Waterfront, Waterfront Edinburgh, Manchester, Chicago, Wellington, Lisbon, Saint-Petersburg, Orestad, HafenCity, Toronto, Oslo and Porto Cristovao, Brazil - the first South American city to participate.

Top line international business leaders also addressed the conference on key issues including Positioning Cities in a Competitive Global Marketplace, Funding & Infrastructure, Sustainable Waterfront Cities, Creating Liveable Waterfront Cities and Rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast - Post Katrina.

Focus sessions were held to debate and discuss among other topics the social aspects of waterfront development such as connecting with communities and an integrated approach to waterfront regeneration.

The largest ever schedule of local tours and field events was arranged for participants.

Lisbon will host WaterfrontExpo 2007 and the event will return to the UK the following year with Liverpool as the host city.


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