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Friday, September 11, 2023

Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route advice from FG Burnett

Landowners have been warned they must act now to secure compensation if their property is likely to be affected by the proposed Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR).

An estimated 3700 individual plots of land and between 350 to 400 landowners or householders could be affected by the proposed AWPR route.

Keith Petrie, an expert in compensation rights with leading property consultancy FG Burnett, said property owners should not delay in safeguarding their rights to compensation.

Mr Petrie revealed negotiations are about to start between AWPR officials and land owners with regard to accommodation works - preliminary works on boundary fences, walls, screening and access and service facilities - required in cases of large public works.

The findings of a five month long Public Local Inquiry have been presented to Scottish Ministers and it is anticipated the Government will accept the scheme as put forward by Transport Scotland.

The AWPR will then go to the Scottish Parliament for approval after which Compulsory Purchase Orders will be issued to acquire all lands and buildings needed to complete the bypass scheme.

But Mr Petrie said by acting now and seeking expert advice, landowners could minimise the impact on their property and ensure they are receiving the maximum compensation entitlement.

He said: "The AWPR proposals have been around for so long that some people may be lulled in to a false sense of security and think this is not going to happen and that they need not worry about the impact on their property.

"My view is that approval will be granted largely along the lines of the Transport Scotland proposal and individuals who are likely to be affected can't afford to wait until this gets the official nod from Government."

Mr Petrie revealed affected landowners have already received notification from the local AWPR team that negotiations are about to start on regarding the implementation of accommodation works.

He said: "Transport Scotland has already completed a considerable amount of design detail regarding the AWPR and it is very important that landowners and house owners do not delay in entering the negotiation and compensation process.

"The AWPR will have an adverse affect, both physically and visually, on individual properties. Accommodation works are designed to alleviate this effect, however, once they are agreed and go out to tender to a contractor it will be very difficult for landowners to demand any changes."

Mr Petrie said compensation payable is intended to put each claimant in the same financial position as if their property had not been acquired by compulsory purchase.

Compensation will be paid in three scenarios - when an entire property is acquired; where part of a property is acquired; and where no land is acquired but the AWPR will be very close to the property.

He added: "I would recommend that anyone whose property may be affected by
the AWPR should seek immediate professional advice from qualified experts.
This will ultimately secure a solution to minimise impact on individual
properties and to obtain the best possible compensation package."