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Tuesday, July 10, 2023

Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh goes green

Hercules Unit Trust, the specialist retail warehouse fund advised by British Land Property Advisers and managed by Schroders is pleased to announce that it has now submitted detailed plans for the improvement of retail and leisure facilities at Fort Kinnaird Shopping Park, Edinburgh. Proposals also include sustainable energy measures and improvements to local public transport links.

The plans encompass the redevelopment of a variety of retail units predominantly on the site of the old tea factory and the cinema which Odeon have recently announced is to close. In addition a number of new restaurants will be spread throughout the shopping park. These areas will all be linked by new landscaped pedestrian boulevards aiding pedestrian circulation throughout the park's shopping areas. At the centre of the scheme a new children's play area will be created, along with an adjacent café.

As part of the scheme new bus stops and improvements to local bus services will be provided, including a priority bus route on Newcraighall Road as it passes the site. Over the past nine years considerable success has been achieved in increasing the number of visitors travelling to the shopping park by public transport, with a corresponding decrease in those travelling by car. As part of the current proposals, facilities for bus travel will be significantly improved to encourage more visitors to travel by bus to the site.

British Land Property Advisers, the manager of Fort Kinnaird is also assessing how to promote environmental conservation issues and encourage the use of sustainable buildings as part of its ongoing development. To this end water will be retained from the roofs of the development to be used for landscaping and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems ('SUDS') will be introduced along with a system of swales to clean water flowing from landscaping areas.

In addition renewable energy resources will be increased through the introduction of a 15m wind turbine to meet part of the parks electrical requirements with any surplus electricity going back to the national grid .Solar panels will provide heating for the shopping park's new washroom facilities.

Mark Stirling, director at British Land Property Advisers, said: "Our investment throughout Fort Kinnaird will significantly enhance the park's facilities and improve the shopping experience for visitors to the scheme. By investing in mechanisms to deliver sustainable energy we will help to both reduce long-term costs for our tenants, as well as the burden placed on the local environment. We are confident that by working together with the tenants and local communities we can continue to transform Fort Kinnaird and the surrounding area into one of which the City can be truly proud."