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Monday, March 31, 2024

I & H Brown announces remediation of 23 former gasworks in Scotland so far

Perth based I & H Brown has reached number twenty three in Scottish Gasworks remediation. The company, which provides civil engineering to a wide client base, has a well deserved reputation for cleaning up contaminated land, often using innovative - and award winning - approaches. Last September the company received an award from the Brownfield Briefing Remediation Innovation Awards in London for 'Most Innovative Remediation Method' for the environmental improvements works carried out at a former Gasworks in Dundee.

Says Roger Philpott, Contracts Director of I & H Brown: "If you are in the property or construction business you will know that it is all about making that development happen and keeping it well on track as it progresses. It is helpful to be aware of the various stages of civil engineering necessary nowadays in developing brownfield sites for example and preparing land for housing and infrastructure provision. Similarly if you are a landowner who wishes to remediate a piece of land for a new use, there are many more options available to consider and indeed, we are at the forefront of this sector, having gained a reputation - and industry awards - for innovative and sustainable remediation techniques."

He added: "Land to build on remains at a premium in this country. Meanwhile there is a demand for new housing, particularly affordable housing and so developers are having to seek out locations which will work for them. It is no secret that the government wants to encourage the development of brownfield sites and at I & H Brown, a family run firm which retains the personal touch, we have the necessary expertise to make this happen for our clients. We are happy to work in partnership with others in developing land or can develop land belonging to a third party."

Established in 1964, I & H Brown has a turnover of approximately 40 million and employs over 200 people at its offices in Perth and Warrington. As well as civil engineering and remediation, the company is active in the field of energy, particularly the development of wind farms. Other areas of business include the development of land, both greenfield and brownfield, and through its award winning rural homes division, Tighmor.